Snow Falls

Snow Falls
Late snow falls soft
The perfect touch
The final puzzle piece
Cascading from the clouds, it drops on unsuspecting boughs and mountain peaks
Collects on woolen heads and naked branches
Pools in abandoned bird baths
Crests the piercing rooftops
A frozen blanket of promise and beauty
Sparkling diamonds pressed gingerly together
Crystals spread across the sleepy landscape
The scintillating embodiment of Winter herself
Each flake boasts incomparability and unity
Follows Mother Nature's individualistic bias to perfection
Symmetric as practiced mathematicians
Cloaked so modestly in New Year's dreams and Season's greetings
Like jaunty sprites, they chase each tendril of wind until either one loses interest
Unconcerned at being shed from the heavens
Bantam fingers cling to any surface in reach
Unseen maws nip playfully at disclosed skin
Late snow tumbles upon the world all too suddenly, and abandons the world all too swiftly
Until next winter

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