Snowy Wonderland

It fell overnight slowly but suddenly
As if the Earth depended on it
Perhaps it did
Eagan biked to school to save energy
The chilled air numbed him
But his mind was in Wonderland
With fumbling hands he locked his bike and danced to the front door
He stepped inside repeating dates to remember for his history test
For sure he would pass
The insulated halls heating his body from his nose to his toes
After a few fist bumps and hellos he walked into his first class
Throughout the day he moved gracefully through his courses
Knowing he wasn’t a good student he felt down
But also knowing he always tried his best it helped him focus more
At his last class of the day he held his breath
Opening his computer he slowly but surely took his test
As the last person to press submit Eagan knew that feeling
It was mixed of pressure, excitement and eagerness
His score flashed on the screen
He leapt up
Flushed he backed down and glanced out
Snow fell
Winter had proven itself
But it felt as if Spring was here

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