Yes, I'm mad
I meant mad, not angry
Angry is when you're upset and can still relate to the human race
Mad is having animal tendencies and wanting people out of your face
What does my attitude have to do with you?
My anger changes your attitude
Believe it or not, it does
I'm mad about something or someone
I take it out on you because you're in my face
You get annoyed that I'm letting the small stuff get to me
Well, If I'm a Christian I'm supposed to be under control
Well, I know this, but I want to be mad anyway
Well I tell you to leave me alone but in actuality
I don't want you to leave me alone
I want some attention, I want someone to listen to me
And hear what I'm saying
I want to vent my feelings out instead of internalizing them
And nothing, I'm tired, I forgot what I was mad about
Good, so.let me tell you what happened to me today.

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