So Called Mother

When you gave birth to me
Did you ever love me?
Why did you hurt me and throw me away?
After you let him use, abuse and rape me?
Why did you spit on me and laugh at me
While he beat me up?
Why didn't you ever give me the one and
Only thing that I ever wanted?
When will you realize that I
Only wanted my family?
Why did you run away with him when I
Finally got the courage and turned him in?
Why is it that you did not love but
You love him so eternally?
Why did you walk away from me when
I needed you the most?
Why did you join him and always
Name call and make fun of me?
Why after all these years do you still
Not want anything to do with me?
I just want to know why
Even after I have forgiven
Do you not love me?

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