So Close Yet So Far

My heart breaks knowing I can't be with you,
breaks into a river of pain.
I think of your lips,
almost feel them against my skin.
Shivers run their way through my body,
and my skin breaks into goose bumps.
It's been so long since I felt you so close,
yet have you so far away from me.
I fall to the floor as the tears begin,
making the river of pain flow down around me.
I think of your laughter,
and can hear you laughing in the next room.
I run to see if you're there,
and you are only a part of my imagination.
I think of your voice,
and can hear you in the kitchen talking on the phone.
I trip with my haste to find you,
but still you are only in my mind.
I think of you holding me tight in your arms,
and I can almost feel your arms around me.
I cry still thinking of you holding me,
just to feel you hold me again while the tears flow.
"I loved you so much!" I cry out, and almost hear your reply.
I felt arms wrap around me,
taking the feeling of you away and I almost scream.
Your mother's voice wakes me from my visions,
Quietly she tells me, "We all loved him."

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