So Hard Say Goodbye (2 G-town)

By Da Poet   

As I speak on this issue I know many can relate,
when I talk about G-town and it’s ultimate fate.
Resounding echoes shattering time,
as I think about the school that once was mine.

Hallways vacant, no open doors,
no noise from foot steps upon these floors.
No more teachers teaching, no more students taught,
as I think about G-town such a horrible thought.

No lunch room brawls, no talent shows,
no cheerleaders cheering, Go Bears Go.
Gone are the days of those memorable times,
gone is Germantown, the school that was mine.

No metal shop, wood shop, home economics no more,
when we think about Germantown,
there shall be no encore?

We arrived like herded cattle as the streets were alive,
now to only hear birds chirping,
my GOD that seems so jive.

Cheers no longer heard from many blocks away,
such a tremendous sound at the Thanksgiving game.
Vacant are the fields, vacant are the lots,
they vacated education, for education did stop.

All that left is memories etched in time,
when I think about the school that once was mine.

Written by,
Samuel C. James, Jr.
Class of 1971

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