So Hard To See

Today even though you said you were ok
there was a look in your eyes that I've seen before.
I could see your pain you're starting to give up.
So many years you spent in prison
they taught you to be a prisoner so well.
Then they let you go but they never taught you
how to be free.
So there are times that you wish
you were back in the life that you know.
A place where there is a lot of pain
that you were forced to deal with
and learned to live with it.
But to live a free and happy life
you don't have a clue on how to begin
you think you'll never have it
and at times you get afraid to even try
it's so hard to keep trying over and over again
just to face failure in the end.
Brother you are so much like me
our future has always been
so hard for us to see
You're doing so good lately
even though I don't ever tell you that you are.
But you are starting to slip,
Get your balance before you fall
The life you wish for you can't get in just a few days.
Seems the more you try the more nothing
works out the way you planned
Your family is trying to help you
and I know that you're starting to
feel that your are in the way.
Nobody expects you to do it all in a day
But what's expected of you is that
you don't give up.
and keep trying to live your life
in an honest way.
The most important thing is that you
don't turn to drugs and begin doing crimes again.
Haven't you spent enough time in prison?
Don't hide from your life in a cage
pick up a Bible and begin to read
I know that is what brought
peace and understanding to me.
I'll pray that God helps you
but you must open your heart
and let him in.
I can see you are giving up on yourself,
But he will never give up on you
If you ask his forgiveness
he will always be waiting for you
You don't have to struggle through
this live all alone
accept your family's help
and have faith in the Lord above.

You're not just a prison number
You're God's child
and a brother that I love very much
Please don't ever give up
that would hurt both of us

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