So I Painted You A Picture

I painted a picture one day, so you could see what I see.
With each stroke of the brush silently screaming splendor,
I painted the sadness my words failed to speak.
The infinite stream of colors inside my heart
Were embedded in the picture,
Dancing within the contours of its frame.
It looked like more than one painting,
Because in it I could see so many things.
Upon seeing it I felt free,
And I thought how lovely it was, that the music of the
Beating of my heart could create something so beautiful.
I wanted you to view life through my lens,
To show you how I look at things differently.
I was excited, ecstatic,
Waiting, wanting you to see with heart
But never with eyes, because of all the truth they hide.
So I painted you a picture one day,
To try and depict to you this message.
I told you to look hard, to try and see what truly is there.
And as I saw your sorry expression I suddenly felt ashamed,
Because I knew I had painted something greater,
But all you saw was a canvas with some paint.
And then it dawned on me
That I had painted a simple twig from a branch.
But, to me, it had always looked like more.

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