So You Say

Poisoned youth, or so you say,
Wish I could keep myself aloof,
Maybe then I wouldn't be so down today.
You blame everyone but yourself,
Blame our family, blame your daughters, c'mon,
Keep running your mouth.
In your eyes, we were spoonfed arsenic,
Clear venom to make us ill,
You keep talking until you have your fill,
Unknowingly burning bridges like an arsonist.
We are walking corpses with distorted minds,
Our hearts are beating but you can't hear it,
Over the sound of your own voice.
I am nothing, I am nothing,
Becoming a mantra in my head,
I am obese with all the lies that I am being fed.
Stomach churning and bloating,
Shame on me for how I feel,
Shame on me for all my moping.
Mental health is a foreign concept these days,
Can I get some love? Maybe a little familial affection?
No way, no way, no way.
Bring up family with disgusting implications,
Funny how "family" has been a word full of nothing,
Just like me, or so you say.

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