It’s almost been a year...
But it seems like yesterday you up and disappeared
You were my heart, my soul, my everything and now you can’t speak to me.
I always knew this day would come and it came closer everyday ... I felt the fear.
If I could just have you back one more day I’d speak to you every step of the way ... I’d walk you through it one step at a time ... and I’d keep that memory forever alive.
I know now that death doesn’t work like we would want ... quick and painless and never losing hope
Now that your fine everything has changed, things will never be the same.
This is what you were trying to tell me all these years and what you so strongly feared.
Nanny I’m going to be okay because of you I’m for ever strong.
You’ve taught me everything even my darkest days cannot Steer me wrong.
I know that I will over come this sadness and despair.
I feel you clinging beside me in the midnight air
Surrounding me in your morning glory.
I will one day rise above the sadness and mourning.
Until then spread your wings forever soaring.


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