Soaring High

As you prepare yourself for society,
as you apply yourself to be the best that you can be,
As you learn from mistakes along the way,
as you understand that sometimes things just happen,
and that you have to move along with life,
you're soaring high in the air,
when you learn that some people you cannot take with you
as you're leaving some old ways behind you and improving
your life. As some who were once with you,
will often become your distant enemy.
Soaring high to make the best out of your life, don't look back.
Soaring high to achieve your greatness,
many will bring up your past and add a little extra events
to your past. Don't allow plots of evil to stop you
from soaring high. Soaring high into what it is
you would enjoy doing with your life and enjoy your life.
Place a little humbleness in your soaring high.
People are still the best to love,
just don't allow people to abuse you.
Many will take advantage of you,
you can choose not to take this personally, you can do this.
Soar high and fly, fly, fly....

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