I've seen to many late nights
Oh god, how fast went my life,
So numb, so dumb, and so blind
How did you stay at my side?

You cried, you tried, I broke it
Your love; you bled out for me,
Broken. so girl I'll soak in
Just breath; I fiend the torment.

She said why did you go change?
But she knew I hated the pain,
Benzo's and all the white veins
She begged me; sober today.

Goodbye; I self-destructed
Found myself on a substance
Those eyes; I'm so in love with
I watched them kick the bucket

Now she knows my dirty secret
I know she loves to keep it
Every scar once was bleeding
We fucked away the feelings.

Black rose; I'm losing pedals
Beautiful words and death notes
Sell me out; baby let's go
Stole my soul from the devil

So these dreams I'm calling for you
Empty my lungs; I'll slowly drown
Because I don't know what to do
You were the voice that calmed me down.

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This Poems Story

Wrote this poem about how drugs almost killed me.. and the love of my life stood by my side the entire time.. and she never gave up on me, as hard as it was for her to watch me fall apart. But unfortunately, she lives 2000 miles from me.. so seeing her leave made it hell for me.. but we stayed strong.. and are still together this day.. and I'm clean.