Is he back
Ya know my dad of course
Maybe I mean probably I think so at least
I'll never know anyway
It's how my life has always been
Filled with uncertainty
That's what my life been surrounded by since I was little
At least I know I'm safe
I mean being as gay as can be and nonbinary
Doesn't really help my safety but that I can deal With that something I'll always be able to deal with
With everything from the homophobic PDA RULE
From crappy bathrooms
To LGBTQ+ clubs
To therapy
To my supportive chosen family
To my ex's
Everybody else
I probably sound insane
You're probably thinking what does this have to do With being sober
And your answer is I really don't know
I guess the people around me being sober
Made me better happier
Who I am today
I've realized a lot
Especially the fact I don't need you
You're not needed anymore
I'm free
Finally free

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