Social Lie:

Dating the empty queens that made it hard for me to see.
Please believe if it was me I pour a shot to ones that leave ,
I'm crashing within my sleep,
Imagine if our mind was free,
A caption can capture the time from fake to reality,
Liking with empty hearts boosts egos from misery,
Describing a type of love that leaves nightmares in memories,
Ill be fair if I have to be,
A scar can show a start from nothing to chemistry.
But you care? My heart share something more than agony,
You say ask me,
what are the boundaries to the questions I may ask,
Are you friends an acquaintance or viewer discretion past,
Where to begin walls ive built show my withdrawals of depression,
A fall to guilt knowing love I hold is an expression,
I'm owed a lite confession,
maybe a like could actually be obsession to something simple,
the quotes that you may write despite the sites have lost signal,
Smiley faces and symbols,
A list of places to riddle,
Murder shows us traces that the gun was never close to rekindle..

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