Social Love

It began with me following you
All aTwitter,
Tracking you Foursquare
With Piniterest.

We shared Face-space,
Floated together on iClouds,
Thumbed each other with abandon
Across nosy-fingered dawns.

Then you unfriended me--
Me, who had never laid a hand on you,
Or even an eye on you, since our love was virtual.

You vanished, ghosting me.
We became disconnected.
We were no longer LinkedIn.

Today all I have is your sweet smile,
Captured on Skype, without guile.
I wish you well, my sweet lamb.
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This Poems Story

I have been an internet industry CEO for almost twenty-five years. "Social Love" is one of a group of poems I've written which reflect my ambivalence about the technology I've spent my life building. I don't have answers to today's transcendent tech questions: How do we protect personal privacy? Prevent catastrophic cyber risk? Stop robots from taking all human jobs? But I am convinced poems can help us find them--especially humorous poems, the writing of which is likely to be the last bastion of human domination over machines. So I keep cranking them out.