By Diamond   

I am not always what I POST to be
I am what I want to be portrayed
And so I become who I feel I'm suppose to be I am somehow Socially made
I show my smiles, and hide my tears
I show my success and hide my fears
I compete with life on another level
I praise the lord and shame the devil
I look at pictures then go look at mine
To see if I'm keeping up or falling behind
I say it don't matter, sometimes it don't
But I like the "likes" they're what I want
Over achiever how do I succeed online
Do I bare it all for eyes other than mines
Type my life like I'm diary writing
And if someone gets personal start cyber fighting
Overreacting to lots of post
I ask am I overreacting
Is there such a thing in cyber world
"Doing too much" I ask me
The need to post a lot
just not everyday
Can't let it look like I have no life
I need it the other way
I learn to work the internet
Maybe I'll learn to "BREAK it
Until then I'll take pictures by breaking my neck
I promise I can fake it
I keep in touch with family
But I'm more interested in my peers
And the celebrities I see on T.V.
I can't believe they're up here
And as my eyes go bad from constantly watching the screen
And my sense of reality
From living everyone else's dream
I promise I'll stay healthy
That's trending right now
And I have to fit in
I can't stand out
Social media is the new era fun
If you don't have it you should get you one
We can be social elite social lites
Don't worry about your morals
just worry about your likes
If you don't then you won't matter
You're like a girl with no butt that won't get fatter
Shallow right well that's how it is
We're followers of images
Once you're no your sucked in
Tough luck
Your new worries will be
Staying online too much
Your life away from life
The guilty pleasure on which you binge
Emoji expressing your emotions
Oops gotta go notification just came in...

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In the modern world you don't have to be wealthy to be a "social-lite"... you just need wifi... Enjoy!!