When we were young we heard that sentence: always be yourself,
But now as we get older we try and be somebody else.
We try to have that perfect hair, perfect body, and perfect face,
and everything that we really are, is suddenly erased.
Because while fighting for perfection, we never stop and stare,
We don't realize that the beauty we reach for, is already there.
We are told that we can be anything that we want to be,
But then later on we're told different, by all of society.
"You're too fat to become a model" or "You'll never become pro"
"Maybe if you lose some weight" or "Maybe if you grow".
"Maybe if you we're smarter" and "Maybe if you were hot"
How about if we stopped believing all the things that we are not?
We have the choice to sit and listen and the choice to walk away,
But most of us don't realize that, so we are forced to stay.
We're forced to listen to them saying how we shouldn't be alive,
Forced to listen to them call us names, and still try to survive.
We walk through life not knowing, all the pain someone can bare,
And it's only when they kill themselves, that we start to care.
We think we are screwed up, because it's what we learned to believe.
But that's what society wants, that's what it's trying to achieve.
So I hope you understand now, my message couldn't be more clearer,
You will not find your real beauty, by looking in a mirror.

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