My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear
Is for you to leave
Leave me alone
Storm in my eyes
Heart overflowing with hurt
And you with no hurt
No pain
Its not fair
For you to leave and move on easily
For you to leave and I still try to hold on
To what's already gone
What I wish was still there
My biggest fear
Storm in my eyes
Blurring what's really true
The love I missed
When I was too busy crying over you
The one that prayed the storm away
And gave me kind words everyday
The one who actually cared
Would've never met him
If I never met what used to be
My biggest fear

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a terrible romantic breakup and the sadness that comes after. As the poem goes on it explains how while someone is trapped in sadness they almost miss out on a true lover. But all along they've been facing their deepest fear. Their deepest fear was being heartbroken by someone they loved so much.