Peaceful protest or violent rioting
Why does this happen in our perfect society?
It's a double edged sword, the door swings both ways
Somebody mumbles those are just common clichés
From those with great influence to those who obey
Power is the thing which makes fact fray
That's all people want they're hungry for power
Why mine? Why his? Why can't it be our?
So many people just sit there perplexed
How can you like them when they're the same sex?
"It's not gender" they say," not size or race"
But many a time this is the case
He's gay she's fat his skin is too dark
It takes just one comment to light that spark
Just that one spark and it's all up in flames
Are you happy that you played these little mind games?
All that you gave them was unjust foul treatment
When all that they craved was a sense of completment
So the moral of these words should be a message to all
To not be the one to makes others fall
To make this community this world our earth
A place where all have a sense of self worth
But people in our world portray perfection
And give those who lack it a false perception
Being gay is a sin or you must always be dieting
These are the messages from our cruel society

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