She practically glowed
With self reassurance
For she diverged
From the conformity
Her wrists clean, untouched
Her ambience confident and fearless
For society never touched her wrist
But it touched
Her mind. her soul. her life
It made her laugh when she wanted to cry,
Throw up when she needed to eat,
Lose all self respect and common courtesy
What did she gain?
A size one? A fake smile?
Facades in disguise
This was her life
Living in the shadow that took innocent lives
She was a misfit in her generation
With her seemingly confident self, and loud, careless laughter
But the real pain isn't skin deep, it's what you've hidden
Far deeper than scars,
Because she was acting okay, right?
But then why isn't she here?
Why is she in her best clothes?
Looking peaceful, away from the terrible reality teenagers face
Why didn't anyone stop her from killing herself?
No one knew
They saw the untouched wrists; they didn't see her broken soul

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