Society thought that I would be the baby mother of a deadbeat,
Society said at the age of 33
that I'd have nothing but a GED and a job at wendy's
Society said that drugs would be the death of me
But I shall rise above thee
Society, you are the ones that need therapy
See, society frowns upon people like me
They say I don't care about diplomas
Only the shoes on my feet.
You know, Michael Kors bags and eyebrows being "on fleek".
A welfare recipient is what they think I'll always be,
Because where I'm from
and a alternative school is the only things I see
They determined my life before It could even begin
They automatically label me incompetent

because of the color on my skin
And because I'm a female I'm also labeled as weak
But I refuse to sit in silence not saying a word or making a peep.
I'm not afraid to voice my opinions and color outside of the lines
Yes, I had a messed up past but now I'm doing just fine.
And if I work hard enough I'll be college bound
Because I know when prayers go up blessings do come down
Yes, I had some anger issues a few scars here and there
But I believe what is broken can always be repaired
I know a certificate on paper isn't gonna solve it all
But I'd rather have that than to let society see me fall.

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