Such a sad parody I saw today
for it was no less funny than a comedy play
People everywhere losing their minds
and lonely hearts cowering in fear of being left behind
It is the tragic state of affairs in which we dwell
where people are constantly looking for what new products to sell
and consumerism and communism have become intertwined
Wow, what a beautiful world I've come to find
The jokes that we made are the truths of the way
our society refuses to seize the day
instead they'll steal and lie and cheat
until the common people's rights have been deplete
I'm so sick of it all, I wish it would end
But I know it is useless so I can only pretend
that the world isn't as bad as it could be
Beyond the sacrifices and self-pity
maybe there's light that has yet be shone
but for now, my opinions must always remain my own

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