Its a crooked and cruel world we live in Today we all just continue to give in To all the pain and all the toxicity to the evil unbearing habits
To hating Others just because of their skin
Too busy in our own mess that it causes more stress
On others That we love...that love us.
Criticsim is the new “realisim” as they say, but it doesnt change the hurt we live through each and every day
The arguments over the repetitive cry for help We all are trying to surivive
but thats covered with a lie of secrets
that were untold of the hidden stab in our wounds of when we were young.
The untouched hurtfulness drains us it effects the way we speak
So we spread hate with our words instead of love .
we’re too busy loving others we cant accept ourselves or our mistakes. The biggest mistake though that we aren’t realizing
is loving others before yourself when we should be loving our self more so we can love others.

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