The World is like a beach
As kids our parents tried their best
To keep us out of the see
But we begged
All because we wanted to see more
They finally let us go, but little did we know
We'd go from the Sea of Uncertainty
To the Ocean of Society
You think it's a game
Until the breathtaking storms of social media
Come your way, as the storm gets violent
The waves come crashing down, but these waves
Ain't no normal waves, these are waves of rage
But these waves only got so big because of the screen
Between these souls that'll probably never meet
The screen gives us a false confidence
We say things we don't mean
To these lost souls we'll never get to see
You call her a sl*t
All because you found out she banged four guys
In a week...
But you don't know that she's out here begging
Just so her family can eat
So lesson learned, don't say something before you
See behind the closed curtains, which sometimes hides
The whole scene

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