Society I favoured

By candium   

If misery grabbed the rich by his neck
If the poor had the might
If a single candle could lighten up the night
If truth couldn’t be altered by a mere cheque
If the outlaws could reconnect
If the lights of explosions could lead us to the path of right
If a war specified and classified had not been prophesized then justified by some men stupefied
If our differences could be danced with in the bright
If the emptiness between us could be out of sight tonight
If the beauty of the blood and the beast of the shunned together could swear to not sleight
If the earthly mud could swallow all the bad and shower all with white of purity
If one could pass on unshakable faith down his posterity
If one could offer his life for humanity
If the weak could be on the table while the strong catered
If the men could descend back to innocence they once nurtured
If only I could live in this society I favored

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Key Words : Society,utopia,differences,unity, strength,love, peace

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This Poems Story

I\'ve written this poem after a long long time. Thinking of our society, our world right now, it doesnt feel really good. It\'s almost like the world plunged from greatness to a dark era. I describe what according to me should be the world be. I would like you to share your views on the poem :)