Society’s Ailments

Let's not forget that beauty is more than skin deep.
This fact alone can cause so many less to weep.
violence is so predominate.
Have we forgotten that its effects are permanent?
We always our putting ourselves first.
Why not remember those who have it worse?
We laugh at death and torture and pain.
We all forget that for our sins, God was slain.
Unlock your soul. Open your eyes.
These bars are nothing but your own binds.
Search the sky. Rove the Deep.
Awaken all who sleep.
We as a world, humanity,
Have lost all, even our sanity.
Why does crime and disrespect and hate,
Triumph, while our values dissipat?
Stop the disaster while you can.
Spread the news over all the land.
We are the generation,
To cause the next revelation.
Stand to your feet.
Do not continue to believe they have you beat.
We are failing to rise to the call of service.
We are failing, failing, failing, all of us.

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