Society’s Pound

Society keeps us locked in a pound for only us to hear the cries and whimpers of the lost, lonely, and scared little puppies. We whimper and whine only to be yelled at. We all have to be quiet. Let them tell us when to sit and when to speak. As long as we do so they won’t be so harsh. They won’t except us as us. But they will make do with us strays.
The world has the key,
But no one will open the cages to set us free.
Leaving us locked in a dog cage, a pound,
Only to suffer and struggle with our pleas.
Oh why must they poke and cackle at us like we’re play things,
Can’t you see that we also are living beings?

Each day new people come into our lives, our pound. Wondering the long halls of grief for us, but the long halls of cute innocent puppies for them. We all whimper for help. For us to be our own person. Someone will smile and look at me, before walking away and helping other who they think is better. Leaving me in the dark, with only unsympathetic smiling faces stuck in my head.
They know they have the key,
But no one will open the cages to set us free.
Is there a real reason for this cruelty?
For us to suffer more than we could ever know or see?
Why must they force us to learn how to be anything but ourselves?
Once we’re trained will we be their personal trophies on their shelves?

They don’t care that some of us can’t survive this pain. Longing to be free for far too long. They give up and break. The unwanted wake. Even if it possible, it will take someone very long, to make that broken puppy feel belonged.

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