Society’s Promise

In reality, nothing is really promised to anybody
Homework and activities, Good behavior and leading,
Holding our tongues, chasing our dreams,
In reality success is not promising

I have worked since I was three
Chasing a four-year institution,
But what can it promise me?
Degree, credibility, bill in the mail,
Congratulations, you still might fail

The job of my dreams becomes a distant memory
Replaced by the reality that I have to provide for me
I'm forced into a career
Searching for some meaning that fails to appear
No equal pay, fair wage, or pension to live out my days

I am a slave of society which promises me nothing
Tremendous work could be in vain
Then none will care or remember my name
All I can do is hope and pray
That today's battles will soon repay
And I can be free of the bondage trying to suffocate

I have dedicated my life to this feeble being
And if society fails me I know I did everything

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