Sodium Vapor

He was shooting blanks
crashing hijacked planes with a hard-on
drowning in wet dreams of dropping bombs
smoking out woman and children in impoverished countries
murdering his mother and father at age fifteen
he would sip hi-c from their skulls
his first girlfriend took him by the crotch and forced him inside
and together they played the ultimate slip and slide
waiting with clenched lip for the blood
he grew up making necklaces out of his siblings rotted teeth
he would fed them mountain dew and skittles while they slept
he sucked sweat from out of their pores
a sugary syrup nectar that provided the ultimate rush
high enough to write the great american novel
high enough to pirouette through Tiananmen square
he was an extraterrestrial renegade
little kids would dream of one day being like
he had his own rules
his own code
a true original that eventually everyone wanted dead.

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