Soil Enzymes

Sometimes I hear her voice in my head,
On my dark nights it keeps me warm and puts me to bed.
"Are you in Love with me?"
Is this the way it was meant to be?
You see, she asked me this years ago;
And I still don't know why she brings a smile to my face,
But it's ok because in this place,
things unfold in the blink of an eye.
Look up at the sky; an orange haze with purple and pink,
Blink- it's night, the stars are out.
A substrate decomposed at your will,
Can't you see that I'm ill?
For you.
Have you not got a clue?
Maybe you do.
What will be released as I decompose?
Only ONE knows
And time froze when we were together,
The weather had no flaws,
But with me breaking laws you were unamazed,
I yearned and I crazed.
Now you are not at my sight,
Your eyes were so bright...when you looked at me.
Inception was gypped,
Or have we crossed the starting line?

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