Solar Love

You are not my sun, moon, or stars. no, you are not those things to me. I've had suns, moons and quite a few stars and I do not deny i've loved them. A sun shines brightly like a intense love. everything revolves around it. The heat, the excitement, sticky summer nights. It pulls you in but you mustn't get too close, for draw too near and you'll be burned only fools play with fire. I have learned my lesson. No you aren't my sun. I have had a few moons, they disinterest me. A thousand faces is never enough when you cannot see the side in shadow. A guarded love, never quite fully there. Slipping off into the night out of sight. a love that does not cast it's own light, no just the reflection of others. a trick you only might notice when you break from its spell. No, you aren't my moon. You aren't my stars either. I bore of those living in the past. a collection of similarities trying desperately to be unique. Blinking in and out, on and off. Sure a small love like this can be beautiful, but only when you compare it to a sun or moon and you think it could be a great sun but I will never know because it was just a blink in my sky. my sky. you, my love, are my sky. you put these other loves in perspective. You are everywhere i look. you hover above me always, a beautiful blanket of blue in the day & each night when I come home to you, you blaze uniquely like the colors you place around the sun until we slip into the calm darkness and you wrap me up in your love. tomorrow you will be there just like my other suns, moons and stars but you are constant. you are the day, the night, the air i breathe. I cannot look away, I never want to, you are so captivating

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