Booms, shots, screams are everything I hear.
Guns, blood, death are everything I see.
Pain, fear, sadness are what I feel.
I close my eyes
And I start to think about my family-
Hoping I can see them soon,
Wishing this war ends,
Not just for the best of our nation,
But also for the best of our families, friends, and neighbors.
Fighting for freedom
Because I know after a big storm, the sun emerges.
This is my fate, to be a soldier.
Protect the people I love
And fight with my heart.
Knowing the night is cold
The day appearing to never end,
But fighting with all my spirit,
Because I know it brings a little peace to this world of hate.
For now I am waiting for this war to end,
So then I can go back where I belong.

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This Poems Story

My name is Alexa Olivares. I'm an immigrant from Mexico who moved to the USA for a better life and education. After I watched We Were Soldiers, I was inspired by all kinds of emotions the soldiers showed during the movie. Their bravery, hope, and love for their loved ones and country were really important contributions that helped me to write this poem. That's why I would like to show the soldiers, with help of this poem, that they will always be remembered.