Soldier Man

There once was a war
Of no others, it was like
It was a war of fighting and yelling for what’s right
It shook the earth year after year
till one day a man had appeared
Telling us his stories that peace was near
Until finally he had made it clear
That he was our savior, and no one shall fear
But when he had spoken people had laughed Cheer giggled and gasped
For he claimed he was the savior
though it was true he’s all ragged `and dainty
he said with a grin I’m stronger than you’ll ever be
for I have the will and a heart of steel
for I shall win this war no fighting, but love shall be ideal
so, he stood on a rock Infront of the war
and yelled at everyone with valor
suddenly, the war had stopped
to see what was happening on top of that rock
and there he stood proud and fierce
yelling so everyone can here
brothers and sisters far and near
end this war and listen here
there is no need to fight and kill
when you have words as your mightiest will
and so, everyone listened and stopped the fighting
though all was over later that night
a blossom of light had shined so very bright
giving everyone a piece of that once distant man
he shall forever be remembered as soldier man

: by Lelani Koehler

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