Soldier Super Doomed

Why should I continue while these souls are in the way to deep to keep.
What it is being society wants them to be.
It's a joke not through me.
I just want a good job possibly get hired receive a paycheck.

I go eat everyday honestly that's all
I think about anyway because I am so hungry.
The hurting because I am not working searching.

I applied to the application but still no reply.
I die in the inside cries my soul with questions again of why?
Is there any hope?
I don't know I will just paddle on in this empty boat across the ocean knows where will I?

I go maybe some place.
I am supposed to be but not here only.
I keep strongly my intentions.
I also seek to be dressed with a lot of money for food.
I can buy for weeks an apartment and a new lease in my name to call my own that's what.

I think I have that good Christmas.
I'm wishing I'm praying Leviathan will come in this am a new change of clothes wouldn't be so bad.
It's with my passion for cooking but all of it.

It is taken because it's taken long for me to get moving with this job thing.
I am losing as it seem what does this mean suffering.
I weep for the taste of something sugary in this life.
I don't want to be alive planning my suicide clearly.

I'm not seeking as well honest just believing Lucifer will for once have a good season without reason or question.
It's just a blessing as I have learned my lessons to stressing.

It is at a stop because I will bring myself to the top
then I watch the sun at set and know that.
I am at my best.

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This Poems Story

This is about a absolute failure rate in life coming back out of it.