Walking on a hill where hundreds of soldiers lie,
Buried deep in the soil,
Hearing their battle cries,
Hundreds had died, yet they all had a name.
There are hundreds of flowers on that hill.
I wonder why?
A flag that represents our country,
I wonder what did that mean to them?
Did they fight for their families or for this country?
They fought 'til the dawn of the morning.
What did they get in return:
An inspirational speech, a million thank yous,
Or being an honorable person?
What happened to the ones that died?
A lost life and someone mourning.
What is the meaning of war,
I sometimes wonder.
Looking down,
I started walking away from the soldier's hill,
One thought in mind.
All of the king's horses,
All of the king's men,
Couldn't bring back a soldier from the dead.

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