Our Country ordered us to war,
To fight an enemy we've never seen before.
We would fight for God and Country,
Whatever it took to get home to our family.
We are the soldiers of Vietnam,
We fought from Hanoi to Guam.
our Country sent us to fight this bitter war,
The hell we seen would change our lives forever more.
Sitting in a foxhole thinking of your wife,
Then you stand up and lose your life.
Lack of sleep, food and napalm dropping all around,
With gooks in the wire and tunneling underground.
Back home, no brass band, not even a parade,
Denied by our Country we felt so betrayed.
We were all heroes even if you don't agree,
We went to Vietnam so you could remain free.
When we made it home, you made us feel so ashamed,
Without your support, our brothers died in vain.
When we made it home we felt we didn't belong,
So take the time and thank the soldiers of Vietnam.

To the brave men and women that fought in Vietnam

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