Whispers of darkness across my skin.
Close my eyes and count to ten.
One, shadows creep across the floor,
Down the hall and to my door.
Two, curl up into a ball,
To keep from feeling like I'm gonna fall.
Three, take a breath to contain,
All the voices inside my brain.
Four, goosebumps appear along my arms,
Ears start ringing with alarms.
Five, as it happens I exhale,
Trying to get my mind back on the rails.
Six, take a peek until I see,
All the darkness surrounding me.
Seven, shut my eyes really tight,
Trying to fight with all my might.
Eight, I force myself to believe
Nothing is happening to me.
Nine, I take a breath and hold it in,
Wishing it was gone again.
Ten, as my mind starts to clear,
I shed just one more tear.

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This poem describes an anxiety attack