I hate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but I'm not bitter so I use some of them to show I'm no quitter.
This society and generation needs mass revelations of the most high in the sky to realize the mass incarceration of a nation. We have become so characterized by sites that our rights to life seem minimized.
Social media is only getting greedier feeding us lies so we can somehow improvise.
But why?
The wisest realize what the eyes cannot see because faith outweighs the race on the face of this earth.
It hurts when our worth seems lower than dirt but you cannot search for value on this earth without understanding death and birth.
It is when we go through darkness do we find our light.
It is when we feel worthless do we think of churches, but I purchased a greater value not determined by man but from the highest power.
And by the grace and favor do I shine the brightest and savor the righteous.
No one is perfect therefore the universe is one big chain waiting to be connected and elevated without segregation.
It is our greatest desire to be loved and appreciated whether we waited for it or not.
I pray for the breaking of supremacy, evil, and capitalism so we can all rise into a prism from prison.
Mentally slavery has been replenished but even that has limits.
I end this to say bless all those who fall short of glory because even when you're gone you're not out of the story.

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