Solider’s Pain

He is my eternal flame,many have come before and after,
but they are all the same.
Young boys protecting the world and always taking the blame.
They didn't ask to be in this situation, but do their job
because they love their nation.
They never have time to cry or be afraid, something we
take for granted every day.
There is a place in my heart for all the families that are apart.
I owe a great amount of appreciation because my father was part of
the Greatest Generation.
Many lose their life and some come home to their wife.
The ones that are sane settle back in society and sustain,
but the ones that gave and saw pain will never be the same.
If they make it back sane I think they wonder why we all complain.
So, if you see a soldier give them a hand shake anda hug because
freedom is not free and they sacrifice everything for you and me.
We will never know a Soldiers Pain because they
risk their lives for our gain.

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