Solitary Enlightenment


Not even a month before, my path was clear
I finally found redemption and prosperity
No longer was I the scars of my past
My phoenix had risen, or so I thought
As spring emerged, the curse was spotted
It arrived bearing a subtle appearance
But the weeks that followed unveiled its deception
And the lives we all knew quickly vanished
My shadow returned quickly, eager to spill blood
Fearful, angry, and vengeful, I was ready to fight
Ready to serve justice to the ones who made the curse
I wanted nothing more than their deaths to be brutal

But as weeks turned to months I’ve slowly mellowed out
I’ve come to accept and embrace these turn of events
The wisdom I’ve gained values more than all of school
Like everything else, there’s both light and the dark
I’ve begun to slow down and appreciate the journey
The destination is unknown and I’m glad its that way
In the meantime I harness my growing inner peace
A gift these crazy times blessed my upon my soul
So I ask us all to take a breath, inhale and exhale
Let the air clear the clutter of our precious minds
Release our judgements, fears, and ego
Allow love, peace, and openness to take their places

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