Solitary Sailing

I'm a ship with no sailor, sailing through the ocean.
My engines are on,but I don't know where I'm going.

I'm lost at sea, with nowhere to be
Alone with my thoughts,just waiting to rot.

It's been a while, since I've last seen land,
But I'm still finding my way,
Still looking for a place to stay.

I've sailed over rocks,through glaciers of snow.
I've managed to make it out alive,
still not knowing where to go.

I've been broke and bent,
No longer content
With what I've become,
But I can't give up yet.

My engine's still running.
I'm still alive, still wanting to strive,
Still seeking success, even if I'm not the best.

There's no definite path
To my endless journey
So I'll just go with the flow
In hopes that I'm still learning

That life can be hard,but that's only what it seems
You just have to keep going, keep chasing your dreams.

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