The crickets chirp a chirpy tune
Through thoughts of deep impending doom
The deathly fog forever looms
The silence screams inside my tomb

It's pain I live with in my lair
She shadows me, forever there
Shes my life mate, I do declare
This beast inside, I have to bear

The silence soothes so many ways
Solitude calls my soul to play
The watchers warn to stay away
But inner me, she fears no slay

He extends his ugly, crazy hand
To dance the dance of nowhereland
Mesmeric notes of deathly bands
Hypnotically sway me to command

Darkness falls and yet I stare
I cant find solace anywhere
Diagnose myself? how do I dare?
Watchers watch, but do not care

Look for the light the Watchers sing
They sit with all their shiny things
These words to which they always cling
I still don't see...I see nothing

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