Some Days

Some days, ideas grow like dandelions in my head
Sprouting up, Precise and Practical
Able to meet the demands of the day without hesitation
Rolling out one by one, as if they were on a conveyor belt
Some days, poetry and art pile up in my mind
Becoming so fat and enriched, they bust the bearings on my forehead
So much so that I can do nothing else but capture them
I snip the pink and white roses of my thoughts and create a bouquet of expression
Some days, laughter takes reign
Shooting out jokes and zingers as if they were chuckle-seeking missiles
Aimed directly at the company I’m with
I laugh hard from the rebuttals of my friends
Some days, I can truly see the merit of the world
Through the artillery shelling of caustic fear
The days where the sun shines true and the smiles aren’t hesitant
These days, make me happy to be alive
Some days, laughter and thought leave without warning
Self-loathing and anger steal their corner of the stage
When this happens, My esteem is carried off in a shiny black hearse
Those days, are the very worst
Some days are runny with truth
Others seem to hold nothing but malevolence
But all days, they contribute to something
Something that feels utterly, uninhibitedly, real

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