Some Summer

Old songs and memories of some summer we forgot
or that we're trying to forget
but who knows because I know and remember it as a dream
that was for 2 to 4 to 8 hours at a time present
and then gone all the same like all things we wake up from
and try to remember in the wee hours of the morning
or in the darker moments
just before we're left at the bottom of some stairwell
or in some bed corner
not knowing that we're waiting for something that never came.
We dreamt of dancing one night
In the grass on the dock of your cousin's pier
while I sang to you shooting at bottles with an air gun
you lay there curled into me under the table cloth secretly
as we listened to scary stories in the dark
waiting for the right moment in the homily
to kneel down before the grace of God
and be the first ones to hold hands to the Beatles
on the beach watching the waves crash over us over and over again
running through that California outlet mall
like it was the last time before...
Before I stood there, waiting for someone to take me away from you
in the front seat of a car looking out through the back
wondering if it had all been a dream
and if you had kissed me hello or goodbye.

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