Some Things

Some Things are silently devastating.
Their severity creeps up on you,
then clings like a leach.
No amount of clawing will lessen their grinding grip.

They bite, and suck,
and sharpen their teeth on the sides of your bones.
and soon, their poison will render you blind,
blind to their actions.
blind to the pain.

and then something happens.
then 'somethings' are gone,
and you are alone.
And all you can see is a hollow shell,
the blood and bone left stilled behind.
and you can't remember when it became this bad.

When 'somethings' leave, they take something.
Spirit? Soul? Hope?

Anger and betrayle driving you insane.
Praying for the parasite to return,
and madden your brain into ignorance.
Just as it did before.

It wont return though,
and sometimes, that is far worse.

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