Somebody Better Testify to This

God is oh whew too good, can I get a witness?
You better open up your mouth and shabach God like no one's business
Somebody better testify in this house, about the blessings of our God
Hey, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, no holds barred
Somebody better get in on this praise, about His mercy and His grace
Every day He gives me a mighty generous taste, yum, yum, yum, tasty
Somebody better high five a neighbor and say, "God has been good to me"
Oh you can bet I have tasted to see
To see that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever
In the past, present, and all our future endeavors
Stand up and clap your hands like you will clap them off in praise
Our God is great, moves mountains, no one is greater, I stand amazed
Oh my goodness, somebody testify in this house with a shout and dance
Dance and praise Him like you will not get another chance
Somebody shout out Jesus, until He floods your soul with praise
Go ahead, give it all you have got, and let your worship be raised
I dare you to praise Him like you have lost your mind
If your neighbor is too dignified to praise Him, leave him behind
You know, you know how extra good He has been to you in 2013
Go on and give Him the praise, for He is "the crème del la crème"
Now if you have two feet and a set of clappers--a.k.a. your hands--
Leap up on your feet and put your hands together and shout, "Amen"
For our God is oh-so-good and keeps on blessing me
How dare I let this year go out without testifying, you see
Unto all that He worked for my good, in spite of the devil's attacks
I have to praise Him, thank you Jesus, God is awesome, that is a fact!

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