Somebody Else That’s Not Me

Not once did I expect this to happen never
in my wildest dreams that I've fallen, To a
boy who wasn't my prince charming nor
someone who wasn't my friend

It must been your sweetness that melts my heart
or a gentle smile that could be the start whatever
the reason for me to feel this way , one thing I
know is this strange growing of feelings

All this time I've been praying for you to see
me as myself , every now and then I wake up
dreaming to be your girl and not just a friend

Then reality broke my heart into pieces
and wounded me bad as it came to my
senses that you belong with someone else
i'm left alone with all these heartaches

A few may have a clue but no one knows the
pain I been through they can't guess the sleepless
nights or count the tears i cried
A hurt so deep cuts like a knife but
remember scars heal so i will go on with my life

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