The day is yet anew, the shining dimness caresses the noon
the tall trees hidden under the bright lights
a mist a distance caught between the lost
and mystified stumble of loniness and
defying the energy to know where ,
how or what it means not
wanting to know anything just
begging to end the unwaking dream
the fullfilling isolated air
some like a swimming beast or
sea animal deep down in the dark
ocean waters that know nothing
except the light above and where
they are is not beyond the above
and what they preceive just
a glisten to not recognize
as a glimpse of defile
crawling on the skin inside
the unsureness of comfort
is only in a thought that
is hoped for beyond the
bright light that shows
something is there other than
the realm it concubines in
the eyes redeem that
dream as the coolness
sets in the chill brings

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