Someday you will understand what you've done to me
Someday you will understand why it has to be
Someday as you walk along that lonely road,
It doesn't always have to be
Someday you will look around,
And what you'll see is me
I said i'll always be around,
You don't have to make believe
Simply look around
And I'll be what you'll see
Someday when the storms are strong
You'll see the storm will have blown things down
Still next to you is where i'll surely be
Forever and forever
Thats how loves suppose to be
Someday when we're grown grey
Thats how we're suppose to be
And when you look around
You will stil see me
Cause thats how loves suppose to be

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This Poems Story

Never thought I would write anything anyone would want to read, this particular poem is for the love of my life, Michael, who has since passed.