And someday
Happiness will creep into the crevices of her life
and she will be at peace.
That aching sensation in her chest will finally disappear,
that pining for love,
will no longer be a thought that crosses her mind.
He will hold her tight
his lips will dance across her body
as his words of love glide out of his mouth.
He will find no trouble witnessing faults within her,
because he is too delighted in all that she
is to even focus on what she lacks.
He will be her bridge that eases her pain.
And she will love him,
and fiercely.
He won't know how to cope
with the all consuming vibes she sends his way.
They will innocently stand naked in the rain at night
and bask in what God made of each other.
Each muscle,
Each vein,
Each crease,
perfection in their eyes.
And with fingers overlapping
they will walk hand in hand as the sun rises.
on Joy.

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